Friday, August 26, 2011

Cash Strapped Aussie Families Return to Walton’s - Era Lifestyle

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Charles E. Rexford

A growing number of Australian households have three and even four generations under the same roof due to financial pressures, natural disasters, aged-care limitations, offspring staying at home longer and high childcare costs. According to futurist Mark McCrindle, by 2020 we will flashback a century and there will be a return to the multi-generational household like the Walton’s family, made famous in the smash hit television series of the '70s and '80s.

There will be more multi-generational households in the future but it's not all rosy. After a year of a big family sharing the same bathroom and struggling for privacy, cracks can form," Mr. Chalke. "I don't think we will ever revert back to the days of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Charlie Bucket lives with his poverty-stricken parents and both sets of grandparents, who share one double bed.

"After a terrible year, family is everything and it is great that when times are tough financially and mentally you can find that it is family that really matters. The Walton’s was a great example of how generational support is priceless when money is tight."Corny as it seems it's heart warming for a big family to wish each other goodnight before lights go out."


  1. This is nothing new in third world country, heck even developing world like India and China are multi-generational households.

  2. yep. and europe, many large houses started small, son married, built an addition to parents house, another addition for next marriage and so on, one big family. once common, happening again.

  3. Three years ago I warned my family, which is divided into three names, that we should all move under one roof so we would only have to afford one mortgage and therefore succeed at placing ourselves in a safer position.

    Of course it was rejected because nobody wanted to live with so and so... "I'm not having him move in here!"... "Yeah right! Not with all their dogs!"...

    Well, I suppose many Americans would prefer death if they lost their TVs, God forbid we have to share a home.

    The way people react in terror to that can give an idea of how greedy and needy we have become. No ability to sacrifice whatsoever.

  4. I have red necks living next door. There are 11 people living in that house with only 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. It getting to be like the Waltons. It's a huge family. There are 6 cars in that household.


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