Friday, August 5, 2011

Emancipation Proclamation Redux


I feel like Lincoln freed everyone but me… the American working class Joe, the small business owner and operator, the hands that built this country.
Planning should be my foundation, my legs, keeping my work agile enough to move forward. Integrity should be my bedrock, my shoulders, always keeping my head focused on what’s important and right. But what do the (s)elected elite do for the working class? – They put quicksand called regulation under my feet and then they let a monster called taxation sit on my shoulders. It’s hard to get one foot in front of the other when I’m buried up to my neck in bureaucratic manure and I’m drowning from the neck up in IRS urine . . . .


  1. Uh, drowning in their urine, yeah

  2. Outhouse. Fuck yeah, American Republic is dead. Revolution is coming.


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