Friday, August 5, 2011

4 Old Cartoons Explain The World


The Bankers/Wall Street own the False Left Right Paradigm:


  1. Slavery never ended; it has expanded to include all those not in Washington.

  2. so tax dollers used to..correct..the makers of those heart attack burgers isn't a necessary gov expenditure? bu bu..who'll watch out fer me diet? waaaaaa online..little shrimp on a treadmill being studied by gov scientists...awesome! all better now :))

    so that big squid..that makes the giant sucking sound...when we do finally go broke and it's food source dries up..what else do it eat?
    hmm..well in some states..and in actually gobbles up buildings. they say sold as assets and leased back, and after, it eats reservoirs for the city's water supply, docks, ports, oil in the ground, entire tracks of forest lands, farmlands...and the souls of those who venture to close...
    hollywood horror pales in comparison..reality bites they say..and eats and eats and eats.


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