Friday, August 5, 2011

No Change In Jobs Report Equals Bad News

Peter S. Goodman

The latest jobs report changes nothing. We had no engine of economic growth when we all woke up on Friday morning, and we still don't have one. We have no operative plan to fix what ails us. We are in a bad place and sliding toward a worse one.
The Republicans are banking on continuing economic disaster as their pathway back to the White House, sabotaging any and all efforts to address the decline . . . .

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  1. hahaha..that's funny, the publicains sabotaging any chance of recovery to get re and more elected, yep, meanwhile the emocrats sabotage any chance of recovery through the furthering of such agenda's as shutting down "dirty coal", and cap and trade taxes paid to the UN, money spent monitoring and bringing lawsuits through foreign nations against US states and monitoring restaurants use of salt in cooking..oh boy. what can be taken from it all, neither works for the people anymore, and can and will get alot worse, as a broken and poor peoples are much easier to control and convince to take the powerz prescribed medicine.


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