Friday, August 5, 2011

World Economy: Stock Market Collapse: "The Whole Ground Is Rocking

Per Olsson

Thursday, August 4 was a black day on world stock exchanges. In New York, Dow Jones fell by 4.3 percent and Nasdaq closed at minus 5.3 percent "and all gains that have occurred since year-end were deleted to zero" (, August 5). "It was an outright massacre", said John Richard, head of strategy at RBS Global Banking & Markets, to the Wall Street Journal about yesterday's event. . . . . .
The collapse in the stock markets reflects clouds piling up in the global economy's sky. Firstly, the U.S. economy stagnates and the huge cuts that are following the Democrats and Republicans deal to raise the debt ceiling threaten to strangle an already weak recovery.
"What was unthinkable six months ago, the U.S. running the risk of falling into recession in 2012, is a thought that more and more now consider. It is this insight that makes the entire ground swing “. . . . . . .


  1. USA got downgraded from it AAA. Short Treasury or bust. I'm long precious metals and survival essentials.

  2. interesting it becomes now..they say muni's may be hit the most and pensions may have to sell as can't hold less then AAA, pensions take a hit? pensions, all know, aren't fully funded, which brings up the congressional discussions recently about taking 401k's and IRA's and placing them along with what remains of private union pensions and some gov pensions into "a gsa"-guaranteed retirement account, to be redistributed "evenly". some have termed this a second social security fund for pensioners, or to be used to fund bond purchases..if bond auctions encounter problems. maybe it's for whatever problems arise 1st or if noone will agree to another round of QE. with some 3.6 trillion in 401's and ira's it's...gotta be used for something... anyway can be read up on easily enough. yep, very interesting. nothings been passed yet. who knows..during an emergency sometimes things don't get voted on? and a super congress has the power to quick track and ram-rod through..whatever? time will only tell. suppose it comes to choices and beliefs...will we recover to same old same old prosperity and sunny skies...or is there real trouble in the balance sheet and underlying economy? ireland had an emergency, took private pensions? argentina had one and did? but never in US..yet congress seems to have discussed this at least 4 times now...go figure

    ILLUMINATI - College Conspiracy
    Planned economic collapse
    Dollar Devaluation
    Gold price $2000 an ounce
    Martial law
    Peter Schiff
    Max Keiser

  4. seems germany recalls it's agreement to fund the EFSF bailout fund for euro nations. worlds rocking now huh. so close to europe united under one policy and this? but if the people of euro aren't completely onboard the one fiscal policy and one sovereign decision making panel yet, there may be a useful crises in order..allow alarming times, allow fear and more suffering, and when thoroughly fearful they'll accept. coupled with the past idea and china's call yesterday for an international panel to oversee the US's doller and debt issuance and seems a quicker route to global control, which is the goal after all, then later a global currency form. things moving along now and the boat will rock along the way.

    fits when shown that politico's can't agree to anything anywhere that a select panel, in agreement already on the vision and course of nations, would finally be given authority and take charge of the decisions made, sold as something good, sane, promising of prosperity and after more suffering the whole world will grasp at the lifeline. dictators arise from such times, give it time


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