Friday, August 19, 2011

The End of the World Is Nigh!

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Charles E. Rexford

Do I really believe the end of the world is near? As for the financial word – Yes, I do! We are all watching the financial indexes whipsaw back and forth with our money. The magnitude of market moves have not been seen in recent times, so what do we do? I personally have not been overly affected by the recent financial negativity. I am not in the equities markets; I got rid of my unwanted house long ago and have plenty of Gold and Silver already. When the time comes and the U.S. population is truly desperate, I will be there to buy property at pennies on the dollar. Now, this may sound harsh, but this is exactly what the upper Class –Royal Elitist Class (REC) are doing. I am taking a page out of their manual and will use it to my benefit. The western economic order as you knew it is dying, how will you protect yourself and your family from what is about to come?

If you read Chapter’s 1 & 2 on We, the Human Robots Blog, then you would already know what is occurring and why. If you recall, I outlined some of the causes of our current mire. The toxic derivatives created by the slimy, cretin’s we call The Big Banks. I discussed how these same banks still hold trillions of dollars worth of toxic garbage on their books, while our leaders forced us to buy it back (our tax money) from the banks at prices well over the true value. Therefore, it is now obvious to most that The Big Banks, our federal Government and the Multi-national corporations work hand-in-hand to steal the wealth of everyone else except their class (REC). I think we can all officially call ourselves Serfs, as we are losing our wealth faster than the blink of an eye. When will we wake up? How can we defeat them?

There are ways to protect ourselves from these dire circumstances. There are 5 strategies that I am personally employing that hurt them where it counts.

1) Get Out of the Markets
2) Buy Physical Gold and Silver
3) Stop Being An Oblivious Consumer
4) Make Your House A Home
5) Find Way To Reduce Your Tax Obligation


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  5. Big plans in life require predictability. (One of the reasons - businesses are not investing now.)

    Often 'desperate' people end up advocating frog-marching the wealthy & others into death camps. (There is always a death camp going on some place in this world.)

    Jesus Christ tells a parable called, "The parable of the rich fool" - it's worth reading.

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