Friday, August 19, 2011

'Flash Mobs' Pose Challenge To Police Tactics

Rick Jervis

Armed with cell phones and connected through Facebook, bands of young people have been rushing into stores to steal goods or assaulting bystanders in a spate of recent "flash mob" incidents across the USA. Philadelphia leaders imposed an early curfew on parts of the city this month after roving bands of teens beat and robbed bystanders during violent attacks across the city. This week, surveillance cameras caught several dozen youths swarming into convenience stores in Germantown, Md., and Washington, D.C., and stealing armfuls of snacks and drinks as the store clerk looked on helplessly.......

How best to combat the technology-connected crimes — and how far police agencies should reach into private online and mobile phone access — are at the core of a growing debate among police officials, city leaders and civil rights activists. Everyone agrees: it’s an uncharted territory for law enforcement.......

After the violent attacks by youths in Philadelphia, city leaders decided to enforce a 9 p.m. curfew for teens under 18 in certain parts of the city, says Everett Gillison, the city's deputy mayor for public safety. Police officers began closely monitoring Facebook and Twitter pages for signs of trouble, he says........


  1. Seriously how stupid can people be?

    If you're going to oppress and abuse a class of people, the LAST class you do it to is YOUNG MEN. You don't fuck over an entire young generation for the benefit of an older established generation. Old people are frail and weak, young people have energy, intelligence and guts.

    Every civilization that has pandered to old people and women has COLLAPSED. Europe and the US are next on that list. The only hope is the system this next generation places can somehow stop the rampant corruption that has existed for so long in our current systems.

    And it will. Until this generation gets old and dies and leaves it to the next, and the cycle slowly starts anew. But people fled from England to the US and built this incredible superpower that lasted for generations before the corruption took root, and this cycle has indeed happened throughout time.

  2. What this article and others fail to tell you is: These gangs are Blacks. They attack whites, beat them and kill them.

    This has been going on for MONTHS and the media won't touch it due to the RACIAL aspects. For more of the truth, go to

  3. Ask yourself why India is the only ancient civilization still around, for 6,000 years they have maintained themselves. I can answer it for you.

    The way they treat animals and the weaker among their society is better than anywhere else. You might notice in America the amount of sociopaths working in nursing homes, mental institutions, and the education system. Wonder why our suicide rates are so high? Yet we have more garbage than anyone else, I mean... cell phones and such.

    We can see clearly too how well Americans take care of animals. Horses are killed off when they have a bad leg, if the humane society can't find a dog a home within a few days they "euthenize" them. Cows are tortured to make their meat better and yet, the only thing used is their stomach. We like stomping on spiders and bees as well just because they scare us... brave people.

    Was America blessed by God? I doubt it. Can God bring about the downfall of a nation? You bet.

  4. So if we want to continue having our lives revolve around sex, drugs, and material filth then our future is dead.

  5. Lets get a bunch of white teens and go to a Black owned store and pull this crap.

    And then as the last guy leaves the store stop and pay for everything. HA HA

  6. We are coming to get youAugust 20, 2011 at 9:57 AM

    Anonymous said...

    What this article and others fail to tell you is: These gangs are Blacks. They attack whites, beat them and kill them.
    Well if i were black i would take it one step further, and attack the Ultra rich whites in their gated communities.
    I for one hate to see flash mobs. Only because it is wasted engery and does not make for social advances of minorities.
    But i cannot stomach the inequality of race privileges i have seen.

    I'm much older now and have seen blacks looked upon as subhuman, stupid, dirty and disgusting.

    If anyone thought that way about me and my kind (white) and i was in the minority, i would be doing some serious ass whopping.

    Change is coming. perhaps something good will come out of it.
    Most the race hatred is coming out of the deep south, where poor white trash is taught to hate minorities.

  7. 9:57 AM you are full of crap! Its the perpetuation of your kind of thinking that gets "races" into this kind of fix! Bring more peace to your heart for everyone and that's how things get better. Look' I'm not a 'dogooder' but if I don't value people for the sake of them being people then I am just like you, a hater.

  8. Right now the "young people" know nothing stands in their way. They have the morals of a Honey Badger (no offense Mr. Badger) and don't give a shit.

    High time to resort to old school western justice. Gut shot the flash mob slime and let them wear colostmy bags the rest of their pitiful lives.

  9. It's time to deputize these store clerks and issue them shot guns with orders to shoot the scum on sight!

  10. The Gang problem is not as clear cut as we make it out. There are gangs of all races which are all growing more violent. The Mexicans, Whites, Black, Vietmanese etc are all growing poorer. The real cause of this violence is the lack of economic grow and the perceived view that the Middle Class is wealthy. The ultra-Wealthy Class is stealing from us all. Gangs are just a lashing out to the unknow cause of their frustrations.

  11. Oh yea, I forgot


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