Saturday, August 6, 2011

Footage of Mass Troop Movements Across U.S. – Are They Getting Ready?

The Intel Hub

Editor’s Note: We’ve long reported about the training of US military personnel for domestic deployment in the event of large scale economic breakdown, civil unrest, terrorism, and catastrophic natural disasters like asteroids. It is clear based on historical precedent that the government would hold off as long as possible before alerting the American people of an impending disaster or emergency.. . . . .
In the last month and a half, The Intel Hub has received hundreds of credible tips from citizens who witnessed and or photographed domestic military/foreign movements within The United States. While some of the reports can be written off as normal troop movements, the sheer amount of reports indicates something possibly more sinister. To top it off, a large majority of military vehicles that have been spotted were not painted for desert conditions, rather they were sporting digital and city camouflage……


  1. Seasonal national guard relocating

  2. Seasonal national guard relocating

  3. Most likely summer camp training for national guard units..

    They do it EVERY SUMMER...and just about in every state.

    If not...and it is for a move towards Marshall law...WTF are you gonna do about it? Take on a Bradley IFV with your AR-15? Better keep your head down...STFU and worry about getting OUT of the city and the U.S. (if possible) that would be the ONLY thing you can do to help yourself and your family...anything other than that will make you real dead...real fast (most likely)

    Honestly though...I highly doubt that any of the national guard units in the U.S today would fire on civilians...there maybe some regular army units that would...but the national guard? Hell...most of them would have family living in the communities they would be policing...

    So...all you SHTF'ers out there (and I consider myself one as well)...chill out...and worry about something a bit more plausible....THERE IS PLENTY TO FOCUS ON OTHER THAN THIS STUPID SHIT HERE.

  4. There aren't enough troops to actually control the entire population of the USA. Duh.


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