Saturday, August 6, 2011

Collapse: “It Will Be Sudden and Very Painful”

Mac Slavo

While it’s too early to tell whether or not the destruction in stock markets will continue as it did in 2008, one thing is for sure – when the bottom finally falls out of this economy it’s going to come as a surprise to tens of millions of people who have been bamboozled by their trusted politicians and corporate elite.
Today’s Dow Jones collapse of 350 points is but an indicator of the severe volatility and unmitigated destruction we can expect as this . . . . . .


  1. I love it, I can't wait, we neeed a BIG RESET. It will be great after all the useless eaters die off.

  2. While we eagerly anticpate the sudden stop, what needs to be acknowledged is that the train wreck is still in motion. I'd hazard a guess that the actual derialment was the dot .com bubble.

  3. Guns, Gold, Ganja, and GOD.

  4. Anon at 5:03PM,
    Yes, the 4 G's!!!

  5. 4:12 I hear that a lot, but I bet if you had a time machine and could look forward 1-3 years you wouldn't 'love it.'

    The level of misery will rival just about anything in modern human history. People you care about will be dying off slowly and painfully.

    It won't be a situation to 'love' in any regard.

  6. It is nice to know the new blog owner understands that MSM news is not going to cut it here.

  7. It is coming in October. These next 2 months are to sucker the public one last time.

  8. I have to admit when I was at a sports bar Friday I looked around and the place was no different than you would imagine ten years ago.

    Of course with every twenty something glued to their Facebook or Twitter existence via their mobile phones; basic drones.

    Back in 2008-2009 I would not have thought it possible that the Ponzi would last this long. One thing I am certain of is the Ponzi will continue just as long as the elite want it to continue.

    They plan the wars, the economic collapses via their central banks.

    Of course, throw in the possibility of solar flares, Planet X, Polar shifts and all that and we don't really have a rosy future ahead.

  9. I don't agree with this title because I believe the collapse has been happening since the 70's but that its been on the unpinable (my word) edges of society and mostly unnoticed, except as a 'well,would ya' look at that' story. Yeah,America's chickens are coming home home to roost,flavored a little like General Tzao. I'm not a seer but I know what's coming because I've been looking.

  10. The bigger the ship, the longer it takes to sink but this ship is already more than halfway into the water and while there aren't enough life boats to save everyone, we can already see that the boilers are about to explode. At that point the ship cracks into two large pieces and quickly gets swallowed by the sea.

    Glub glub folks...Hope you can swim the turbulent financial waters and watch out for the hungry sharks that will want your safety net.

    How ironic that the sinking of the Titanic would be the symbol for the falling of empire United States. A nation to be relegated to the deep dustbin of history just like many other corrupt empires have been. Forgotten as a nation it's people will be known as the hateful and greedy people who cared about nothing but themselves.

    Isn't the mirror a great place to see yourself as you really are ?

  11. Yeah - a ship built in the UK with JP Morgan monies hitting ICE
    How ironic

  12. carrying the thought through that most are unaware's, what might be a result of fear, harmed prosperity and lifestyles, too heavy personal and national debts, poverty, future's in doubt for them and their children, suffering possibility is they'll climb on board the solutions that'll be offered. thinking this call by various ones for international oversight of competing currency's and policy's has some legs, may see that before an actual new form of currency as it's a quicker path to control and that's the main goal, everything else comes through control first. But to get to the point that sovereign nations and peoples relinquish decisions over to a body, can things stay the same? status quo and things are working fine, why change...? no, must be shown clear and evident that change is needed, and as these are big changes there'll be big upheavals. the idea of, world empire, is nothing new, and the romans didn't originate it nor did it ever die. is merely reviving again and now in our lifetimes. foretold it would, save your souls

  13. It's a cycle...It's happened many times yet we as humans ALWAYS forget.

    In fact I believe this would be the FOURTH total money collapse for the US.

    However this would be the first time that we took it to these heights meaning we sold off most of the country to other countries, bankers and super oligarchy.

    We are meant to be serfs and sharecroppers...But first comes the "Culling."

  14. Will the U.S declare bankruptcy? And if they do would all their debts be cleared and they would start back at 0 and have D credit rating? How does this all work?


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