Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jobs: Worse Than You Think

Chris Isidore

The U.S. labor force is shrinking, as more Americans are giving up hope. Last month, only 58.1% of Americans age 16 and over were employed, a significant drop from before the recession and the lowest since 1983.That's especially worrisome to economists, who say a steady increase in those dropping out of the work force and not being counted in the unemployment rate is disguising just how bad the labor market really is.

"When we have a time when the labor force is not growing normally, e-pop provides the cleanest assessment of what is going on in the labor market," said Heidi Shierholz, a labor economist with the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal think tank. "What you see is from '07 to '09 -- it fell off a cliff, and it hasn't recovered since then."

The result is a shrinking pool of workers that isn't keeping pace with population growth. "If anything, we're likely to continue to see this ratio of those in the labor force go down further," said Gad Levanon, associate director of macroeconomic research at The Conference Board.


  1. Some think tanks. Did they read some of the economic blogs and decide to go along with the growing trend for the hell of it? These university analysts don't make much money, but I still wonder who feels their worth paying 30K a year to say things any idiot can come up with.

    I'm sure if I got a job at McDonalds I'd feel "hope" come back to me. The whole Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck motif is to keep everything the same: If you lose your house, it's your own fault. Get a job waiting tables after losing your real profession, and work real hard at it. They did it, so can you!

    They desire everything to stay the same so they can keep their comfortable social and financial existence. As long as they have their radio shows they are satisfied, even if the masses are starving. "That's their fault for not looking for a job." If you call for a system change you must definitely be a socialist or lazy liberal not wanting to work.

    That is the mental trap those clowns set up for a good portion of Americans right now. Mixed with military glorification, which ironically is opposed to American values. America was partly formed to break away from aristocratic soldier worship. The so called patriots waving their "support the troops" flags have no clue they've been conditioned into a dictatorial theme similar to Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Communist China.

    Beck used to show the picture of the black youths during the 60s protesting segregation by sitting inside of restaurants and refusing to get up. Of course he proudly made himself out to be analogous to them. Funny enough, the way Beck LOVES cops... you know where he would really stand if he were around in the 60s? If some policeman smashed in some kid's face during a protest all because the kid refused to get up, Beck would side with the cop and say the kid was breaking the law...

    Some memorable statements made by that freedom lover:

    "The Secret Service is an honorable organization."

    "The democrats wanted to stop the walmart from being built because it would create job growth."

    "Banks are good, man has always had banks, we need them."

    "Wallstreet changed the world for the better!"

    "Bad cops are few and far in between."

    "If we do not send our sons over to Iran now, then not only will our sons die, but our daughters will die too."

    "People who believe the government bombed the trade towers are like those who don't believe we landed on the moon, which is 7% of the population. That's equal to those who still think Elvis is alive! See, it's crazy talk."

    "I have friends that are gay... I have friends that are Muslim... I have friends that are atheists."

    The latter was probably the biggest lie he made...

  2. Face it lengthy blogs don't change the fact, we're toast

  3. Any questions?

    As far as I am concerned, a job is not an actual job until it is offered, and nothing short of that, Posting on Job Forums, advertising in media, word of mouth, etc., represents a job. And by that definition, our employers do not create jobs any longer in the traditional sense and have not for the better part of the past 10 years. Companies do not have a right to exist as their own entity, they are made up of the individuals that contribute to the success of their organization. When they ditch the people that made them the entity they are, they should not get any special consideration, tax money, beneficial rules, laws and regulations, etc as long as they disrespect their labor capital. I personally do not feel corporations should be entitled to do any political advertising as an extension of that model. The corporatocracy has distorted American business, perhaps forever.

  4. All one has to do is follow Celente, he's been saying it for years.

  5. 7:08 great post. 100% true.

  6. 7:08 if you haven't seen the video series Century of Self, please take the time. It explains how the elite turned us into a hive of corporate and government worshipping zombies.

  7. 7:08 you make no sense, Glenn Beck has the no power and can do nothing to you.
    10:23 you make no sense either. It is the starter of the company who is tied to it, workers can leave as they please.

  8. I work for minumim wage at a job that only takes 2 weeks training and you wouldn't believe how many college educated, master holders are hoping to be hired. When asked about salary, they put "minimum wage" they are so desperate to have a job. My teenage son & husband competed for the same job at a retailer. The husband got it- thank goodness- he has been out of work for 8 months. This was not the future we were hoping for in our late 40's/early 50's.

  9. At some point it will be wise to NOT make more money, as you will be the one paying ALL the taxes. Maybe next years pay raise should be declined if it bumps you up to the next tax bracket. Think about it.

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