Sunday, August 21, 2011

Manufacturing Industry in Crisis as Prime Minister Warned Of Mass Job Losses

Simon Benson

JULIA Gillard has been warned of a new jobs crisis in manufacturing, where thousands of cuts are expected to be made this week. The first round is expected to be announced today in the steel and aluminium sectors. Union officials say the industry is going through one of its hardest times since the Great Depression of the 1930s...

Crisis talks are believed to have been held over the weekend between Australian Workers Union boss Paul Howes, Ms Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan. It is believed "thousands" of jobs will be lost in base metals industries over the coming weeks as the high Australian dollar continues to put pressure on the sector, particularly manufacturing exports.

"The calls that are concerning me the most are the calls I've had over the past three to four days from the CEOs of the major employers of the AWU membership, foreshadowing substantive announcements over the coming couple of weeks and months that will have a fundamental shift in the nature of manufacturing. "We are going to see huge amount of jobs go. This is one of the worst periods Australian manufacturing has gone through since the Great Depression." Mr. Howes said the downturn was primarily due to the high Australian dollar and called on the Government to join the US in trying to pressure China to float its currency.

But he also called for the Government to intervene in the Australian resources sector and mandate a buy-Australia policy. He described as "scandalous" the lack of Australian made and owned products and services being used by the resources sector.


  1. Well at least the USA is not the only country to continue its demise. The entire Western world has been under attack by a secret cabal of banker industrialists. The world is becoming equalized by globalization. Rich Countries will be poorer. Now Australia realizes it...

  2. The bankers are destroying the world, its almost time, the clock is ticking the countdown has begun. Prepare.


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