Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Las Vegas City Officials leave Sin City like Rats fleeing the Ship???

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Charles Rexford

The future of troubled North Las Vegas rests in the weary hands of a few remaining employees, or so it seems lately. The city not only suffered massive layoffs as revenues tanked during the recession, but top executives have been leaving in droves. And who can blame them? The city had to trim some $60 million in recent years from its general fund budget….

Even state officials, who have the power to take over North Las Vegas’ finances, have expressed alarm over the sorry state of the city's dwindling budget, at least 18 upper-level employees have resigned or have taken buyouts in the past couple of years, including a city attorney, a city manager, a utilities director and both the director and assistant director of finance.


  1. 1st ones out usually fair better. don't worry, gunna build a crazy train from la that'll go real fast with casey at the controls and ozzy as brakeman...LOLOL

  2. the captain is leaving the ship



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