Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where are the 2.5 Million Jobs, Mr. President?

Karin McQuillan

A job is not something you defer thinking about, when you don't have one, Mr. President. Now that you're back from vacation, I'm not looking forward to your jobs speech. I lie awake at night worrying about my two cousins and a friend of thirty years -- one lost a small business, the second is watching his business go down the tubes, and the third, who supports her handicapped daughter, can't find a job. Another friend tells me her son who graduated college a year ago can't find work. He feels like a total failure in life as only a 22-year-old can, and she is worried about him. One of his jobless college friends recently committed suicide. None of these people I love and worry about show up in the unemployment statistics.

The 2.5 million jobs are invisible because they don't exist. The suffering of my relatives and friends and that of 25 million unemployed Americans is real, and increasingly desperate. It's time to follow the success in job creation of Republican states such as Wisconsin and Texas, and drop the unsuccessful ideas of this wastrel White House. Please, Mr. President, we can't afford another 2.5 million of your phony jobs.


  1. Just a humble suggestion - If you're touting Rick Perry's success in Texass, perhaps you'd better do some better investigative journalism work concerning his 'success' in Texass. More smoke and mirrors I'm afraid. Our future doesn't reside in slicksters like Perry or any one person or group of persons (Republicrats and Demmicans), but within ourselves. The current menu of 'leadership' (I don't want 'leadership', but, rather, representation) are the same phonies, liars and greedballs who brought us to the brink in the first place. Hold on to your money, folks. Their mantra, 'We Want It All and We Will Do Anything To Get It' is in full bloom. If you don't have your hands literally on your wealth, it doesn't belong to you. Hold on to it and Hold On! It's going to be a very bumpy ride!

  2. Recondite Material HereAugust 31, 2011 at 1:41 PM

    Fuck Texas. Job creation...

    yeah I love man's permanent destiny to work at restaurants and retail stores here in America. Under the pseudo prosperity in Texas, following in their glorious footsteps, you'll have the same situation playing out as anywhere else. The only difference will be low end jobs are more common.

    But too many of the Tea Party idiots are old or around the age where the brain stops being energetic. That means people (about 40 and up) are no longer able to transform, change, learn, or integrate anything new into their minds.

    I'm not saying youth will be making any kind of revolution, unless it's involving breaking things in riots or legalizing drugs, then most won't have any part in it.

    Still, Texas is shit just like every other state. Big fucking whoopie! You're the best of the worst! That's something to be proud of? Patriots...

  3. Don't fuck with Texas. They will leave the union. Their capital building is bigger than the one in Washington. LOL

  4. mcD's hired some. maybe if they got a gov contract to supply the school system they'd hire more? didn't domino's get a contract to supply schools? ...who supplies the military food? lol

  5. 3:33 writes Don't fuck with Texas. They will leave the union. Their capital building is bigger than the one in Washington.

    Ah yeaha, and Gov. Rick Perry is about as unstable as nitroglycerin in a baby rattle!

  6. The question should be addressed to the Republican party. They've controlled the House of Representatives for several years but haven't introduced one piece of legislation regarding jobs.

    If you look into Rick Perry's claims, they turn out to be half true. And I don't think America wants their kids to grow up to become burger flippers--if they're lucky.

    But I hate the Dems too. In fact, most of Congress is too corrupt to solve our problems.



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