Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Thoughts: Raising Of Debt Ceiling Allows Spending Train to Gain Speed

William Gotten

Congress has just acted 'quickly,' but, unfortunately, not thoroughly, to prevent another 'crisis.'
The most recent man-made crisis of having to raise the debt ceiling lest the government default can be likened to a runaway spending train, speeding toward inevitable economic disaster........
The Chinese philosopher Confucius warned of doing things "quickly," as it was more important to do things "thoroughly." Congress has just acted "quickly," but, sadly, not thoroughly, to prevent another "crisis," which it alone created and which it alone can correct. Instead of stopping or even slowing the spending train, this Congress has allowed the train to speed through the flashing stop lights and has continued to increase a legacy of debt that will destroy our country.
Pray tell, what answer are we going to give our grandchildren when they ask what happened to their opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of their happiness? This question is one that I'm not anxious to try to explain.......

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