Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Obama Shifts To The Right

William Greider

The most distressing outcome of the deficit hysteria gripping Washington may be what Barack Obama has revealed about himself. It was disconcerting to watch the president slip-slide so easily into voicing the fallacious economic arguments of the right. It was shocking when he betrayed core principles of the Democratic Party, portraying himself as high-minded and brave because he defied his loyal constituents. Supporters may hope this rightward shift was only a matter of political tactics, but I think Obama has at last revealed his sincere convictions. If he wins a second term, he will be free to strike a truly rotten “grand bargain” with Republicans—“pragmatic” compromises that will destroy the crown jewels of democratic reform.
The president has done grievous damage to the most vulnerable by trying to fight the GOP on its ground—accepting the premise that deficits and debt should be a national priority. He made the choice more than a year ago to push aside the real problem—the vast loss and suffering.....


  1. I didn't know Marxist Communist are now the new New Republicans!

    This really is FUBAR!

  2. This president sort of reminds me of the Mister Ed television series. It's like: 1. Barack Obama (Wilbur Post) is first against the Bush tax cuts 2. That is of course until Barack Obama (Wilbur Post) meets John Boehner (Mister Ed). 3. Then Barack Obama (Wilbur Post) is now for the Bush tax cuts 4. Then Barack Obama (Wilbur Post) is confronted by the media (Carol), and then says that he is now against the Bush tax cuts.

    You got me folks! Maybe there's something I'm missing here.

  3. Nothing missing. They are all playing on the same team. They care about their masters only. The euro elite banksters, the owners of the Fed. What is good for amerika or its people mean nothing.

    A politician's job is nothing more than stage acting. Their sole purpose is to give the sheep the impression that they have choices so they won't revolt.

    amerika was destroyed from the inside. All the fake terror crap the fake war on drugs all the bullshit distractions are useless. All to keep the simpletons chattering in fear while they do their looting.

  4. "Crown Jewels of Democratic Reform"??? You guys are a bunch of left wing nuts where your policies only work in the world of Alice In Wonderland. You cannot give away the farm and expect not to be broke. The laws of finance won't really care about your Crown Jewels when we have a complete economic collapse due to all of the entitlement BS you guys endorse. By trying to get spending under control, we are Marxists? If you look at history, you will see that today's liberal are kissing cousins with the facists of WWII.


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