Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weaker Dollar, Bonds Positive News For US

Stuart Washington

A POSITIVE view of America's fortunes has been offered by a senior Australian economist, a world away from gloomy forecasts about the US being engulfed by debt.
Macquarie economist Mark Tierney, long a fan of US resilience in the face of challenges, believes the cheap US dollar and a continuing attraction to US bonds globally will allow America to escape a looming debt trap.
Despite fears of lower-growth prospects after US politicians voted to lift the $US14.3 trillion ($A12.9 trillion) debt ceiling, Mr Tierney says the US economy could grow by an annualised 4 per cent in the second half of the year.....

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  1. that's a load of dumbass bs. if usd is getting weaker, so are the rest of the currencies (read euro). plus, taxes are going up in the usa, so no matter what the growth will be, so will be the taxes that will shave it off. that was stupid ass thing to say, again... good luck, fucking growing out of now 16T debt with your weak dollar


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