Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something Wicked this Way Comes - Chapter 4

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Charles E. Rexford

The year 2011 has almost reached its end. Some say, at the point of a major psychic shift, time seems to speed up – known as the Quickening. While I am not a predictor of the future, my eyes can in fact see through the veil of lies and illusions. The good news is, I am not the only one who senses something is amiss with our current world-state. Regardless of my belief that there is a predetermined agenda being orchestrated against the people of the world, you also will have to face the coming Brave New World System.

Without rehashing all the devastating events caused by the Elites – dollar debasement, terrorism fears, wealth distribution etc. – we need to discuss ways to protect against these calamities. Regardless what country you are from, the hedges I am suggesting are universal to all. We are all one family, even though a small cabal of Elitists would tend to disagree.

My final and most important suggestion is to stop watching television. Before you look away in disgust, hear me out. Think back and tell me what is on television that either teaches or enriches your mind? Even the History Channel plays reality TV shows now, so the whole media outlet is hopeless. I personally gave up TV eight months ago and I swear to you I have missed nothing important. During this time, I have even read a book or two; remember what those are? The main benefit of shutting the TV off is you will no longer see or hear the daily propaganda. The talking-heads can no longer alter your state of perception and you will quickly see through the veil of lies and deceit. Turn the TV off.


  1. Charles while I agree TV has little value, people like you are the first to turn on the tv when a major disaster happens.
    You would have sounded more realistic had you tried to organize a boycott of cable tv. The prices are through the roof.
    Now get back to yourshelter and start organizing a country wide boycottof cable tv.

  2. That's funny, when disasters do happen people fail to avoid running into them even though they hear the warnings... Katrina?

    I never use the Internet unless I'm looking up economic information or reading science material (real stuff, not Dr Oz). I stopped watching television about a year and a half ago, maybe further back.

    Since then I've become much happier and calmer. I quit smoking cigarettes, reduced my habits like energy drinks and candy, and my physical condition is far improved. I no longer have chattering thoughts or tunnel vision. And in this year alone I've read 16 books, all non fiction - mathematics and physics.

    In the 1960s and 70s people used to think television would lead to better education. Man they were so wrong. If anything TV is one of the main reasons America died.

  3. Thank you for your comments. Please realize I am just a Free Thinker like you. It is up to each of us to tell our friends and families to shut off their televisions and the reasons why. I tell 2 people, you tell 2 people and so on. The Media beast will ignore any attempts of boycott (or attack), so it's up to us to take individual action.


  4. don't stop at tv..

  5. Look beyond FF of course, because they put some significant monsters in, in the order of Fresinius, Chevron, Ford, etc. "There's lots of examples." But rare is the industry whose survival is at risk due to health improvements, technology/fuel improvements, etc. These are archaic dianosaurs and the gods allowed monsters at the helm to justify setting up a system which refuses to relinquish.


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