Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lawless America: 20 Examples of Desperate People Doing Desperate Things

The American Dream

All over America today, desperate people are doing desperate things. As the economy continues to crumble, the American people are starting to become very frustrated. Millions have lost their homes and millions have lost their jobs. As hopelessness and despair rise, an increasing number of Americans are turning to crime or are lashing out in unpredictable ways. Many parts of America are rapidly turning into lawless hellholes. In some of the areas that have been the hardest hit by the declining economy, police forces are being severely cut back and desperate criminals are being given a lot of freedom to roam. In fact, in some major cities (such as Oakland, California), the police have announced that there are certain types of crime that they will not even respond to any more. For a couple of decades, crime had been steadily declining in the United States, but now we are seeing very disturbing reports from all over the nation of desperate people doing desperate things as they scramble to survive or as they vent their frustrations. If the examples that you are about to read are any indication, then America is headed down a very dark path.

One thing is for sure, this nation is headed in the wrong direction. So what is the solution to our problems? One group in Massachusetts thinks that they know what the problem is. Amazingly, they are actually pushing really hard to have the Pledge of Allegiance permanently banned from all public school classrooms in the state. Apparently the group believes that the Pledge of Allegiance has "no educational value" and that it places "unnecessary pressure" on kids. This is yet another example of how divided our country has become. We are constantly fighting over really stupid stuff, and meanwhile our nation is rapidly going down the toilet. Look, our economy is going to get even worse and tens of millions of hurting Americans are going to become even more frustrated. Something desperately needs to be done to turn this country around.

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