Thursday, September 15, 2011

Would Obama Retaliate against a Nuclear Attack?

Rabbi Aryeh Spero

What if a Muslim country, such as Iran, launched a nuclear attack against us, or if agents aligned with Pakistan using dirty bombs were to attack America? Would Barack Hussein Obama retaliate with nuclear force, as has been our stated policy since the 1950s? Would he even unleash a barrage of non-nuclear shock and awe that would level those countries so that they'd be incapable of striking a second time? When queried in Japan in November 2009, Mr. Obama declined to defend President Harry Truman's nuclear attack on Hiroshima, despite it having saved hundreds of thousands of American soldiers who would have otherwise died trying to defeat the recalcitrant Japanese.

Nowhere is it written that he must constitutionally defer to his predecessors' notion of what constitutes an appropriate response. Perhaps he will bypass the Constitution, as he has so often done in domestic affairs, under the rationale that he inherited these problems from Bush. Will our military have to wait for a second round of attacks while the president wavers or consults with Samantha Power? Campaigns provide that one season and window where a president can't hide in the White House and be shielded from the tough questions. But it only happens if his opponents raise the issues publicly since the media seem unwilling to make Mr. Obama uncomfortable. Our candidates should pose this very question. And this time we need direct, clear answers -- no Obamaspeak, no bureaucratic mumbo jumbo. America needs to know, and so does the world.


  1. "...despite it having saved hundreds of thousands of American soldiers who would have otherwise died trying to defeat the recalcitrant Japanese."

    I have news for you, that is arguable. The Japanese were so desperate in the last year of the war, they started having young men just crash their planes into American naval vessels. Of course we gave the image of Japs doing this for no reason at all and from the very beginning. You know, they were just crazy idiots, brainwashed by their dictator, yada yada...

    Strangely after dropping the nukes on them, they surrendered. After all of that? Men who would charge into marines with grenades, throw themselves off cliffs instead of surrender, and have a genetically imbued philosophy to treat death favorably - finally decided to give up due to a couple of really big bombs?

    They were slaughtering themselves off just to avoid capture, why would the nukes have made them any more fearful of death!? Their cities were flattened out, millions of tons of bombs dropped on many cities each, what threat remained?

    The people who try to justify the atom bombs dropped on Japan are like those who support drafts. "If we don't get boys over there now then we're all going to die and lose our freedoms!"

    Funny enough, no war ever fought by Americans, save the American Revolution, spared any freedoms that were hanging in the balance. While we certainly were the major force behind ending the Nazis and Japanese; Britain and Russia were enough to halt the Nazis and eventually throw them back, while the Chinese and other Asian countries would have done likewise to the Japanese. It sure would have taken longer, and costed more lives though.

    Honestly, I don't feel safe right now. I demand marine recruiters go into every high school and show pothead kids their most ostentatious videos explaining how great the marines are to join, and what they can do for your life...

    The shameful part of those in the modern patriotic movements, is that they speak of restoring the original American Values; courage, independance, innovation, confidence, self reliance, equality for all, and discipline... but they espouse the complete opposite.

    Final note: We can't quantum leap back to the 80s people... sorry.

  2. endoftheamericandream is much better anyways...

  3. The enemies will wait for America to bankrupt, break up and fade away just like many other empires in history. The enemies are smart not like this article.

  4. 3:52 You are brainwashed by the revisionist history. Wish you could have been a Marine awaiting to invade Japan - the Japanese were ready to fight to the last man, woman and child. Get a life and read real history, not the garbage you have learned from American haters. You are sitting around asking the Marines to protect you - a true Liberal progressive attitude. Why don't you go into the schools and help protect yourself? Oh that's right, you want others too shed their blood for you so you can avoid harming yourself. You and your kind are why America is in the shape it is today. Since you hate America so much, I'm sure Iran would welcome you with open arms, just be sure they don't mistake you for a spy and put you in jail for life. Freedom isn't free!!

  5. 4:49 exactly + Obama decides nothing. It is all play acting while the banking elite families plot their 'theatre' of war.

  6. Another worthless article. Why don't we just nuke them now? Why don't we nuke every country outside of our borders, while we're at it, just to protect our own? Nuke Iceland! Nuke Antartica! How else can we ensure the ongoing wealth and security of the United States of America? Will Obama press the button on the evil terrorists if they attack? DON'T WAIT! Start WWIII now!

  7. 2:35 Patience ! patience Patience

    He WILL

    They WILL

    You'll DIE !

  8. Happy Constitution Day everyone...remember the Constitution?...where CONGRESS is the branch of Government to DECLARE WAR?! Not the President...even if Iran wants to Nuke us...that would be this Rabbi author is just full of his own BS perspective. Another shrill demanding the US act as their protector, when it cannot even protect itself from its many THREE-Letter agencies all infighting for monetary-Power control of our REPUBLIC - this federation of sovereign states is not the cash-cow for those MFers who want power and money via war-mongering and a police state.

    So just say no & boycott as best as you can their system of corporatism. And prepare yourself/family/neighbors/community to be more self-sustaining as best you can...good luck


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