Friday, September 16, 2011

Obama's Unreliable Facts From Reliable Figures

Steve McCann

Barack Obama is touting another stimulus dressed up a new "jobs bill." Beyond the obvious attempt to try and box the Republicans into an untenable political quandary, Obama has hit the road to sell his solution to the economic crisis. Knowing the attraction of infrastructure spending and construction jobs, Obama is deceptively claiming his bill will create thousands of new jobs. The reality is that his proposal is yet another bailout to preferred states in order to save public sector union jobs. Rather than admit the failure of the nearly $1 Trillion stimulus passed in February 2009, Obama and his minions have and are still focusing on their claim that this program in fact created millions of jobs. As proof of that premise, they cite the purported statistic that he was responsible for creating nearly 2 million jobs. To the uninformed, which unfortunately is the vast majority of the populace, this sounds quite impressive. It comes about from a misleading analysis of the establishment data jobs reports as issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In fact since January of 2009 the nation has lost over 2.1 million jobs in the goods-producing sector, where the bulk of the true wealth of a nation is created. In the construction arena, where there were to be so many infrastructure jobs in the last stimulus, over 1 million jobs were eliminated. Yet that is where Obama is again focusing his dishonest pitch for the current proposed stimulus bill dressed up as the "American Jobs Act." The American humorist Evan Esar once wrote: "The definition of statistics: The science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures." The Obama administration and the Democrats have taken that to an art form as nothing they claim can be believed.

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  1. Hey ! Let's get one thing straight !

    Obama knows what he's doing ! This is NOT his
    first rodeo people !

    This is the ONE !


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