Wednesday, September 21, 2011

They Want a "United States of Europe" But They Are Going To Need a Massive Financial Crisis In Order To Get It

The American Dream

Are we about to see a huge push for a "United States of Europe"? As the sovereign debt crisis in Europe continues to spiral out of control, suddenly this term is popping up in the and in major newspapers all over Europe. So is this by accident? Surely not, the truth is that there is an overwhelming consensus among the political and financial elite of Europe that a "United States of Europe" is what would be best for the Eurozone. However, they are likely going to need a massive financial crisis in order to reach their goal. Right now, the citizens of the countries that make up the Eurozone are overwhelmingly against deeper European integration. Without experiencing a massive amount of financial pain, they are unlikely to change their minds any time soon. So who is going to win in the end?

This would entail a loss of sovereignty not seen in those countries since many were under the jackboot of the Third Reich 70 years ago. For be in no doubt what fiscal union means: it is one economic policy, one taxation system, one social security system, one debt, one economy, one finance minister. And all of the above would be German.

Right now, the EU is a terribly undemocratic institution. Individual voters have next to no power over the control freaks that run things in Brussels. Every single day, the EU becomes a little bit more like the former USSR. The last thing that the people of Europe need to do is to give the EU more power. But that is exactly what the elite of Europe want. They want a "United States of Europe". And they may just be willing to allow a massive financial crisis to happen in order to get it.


  1. Problem, Reaction, Solution. The M.O. of our owners.

  2. squeeze them and condition them to accept the grand solution presented. the crises now is insufficient for this major leap...what crisis and decline of life standard must come to make it palatable, will.
    some think the euro may die, it will lose it's current form, but isn't that the plan, to achieve the new form, so not die, reshaped, and it won't stop at europe. how could it, is globalism not global, and isn't it already firmly entrenched and practiced. beast system.
    globalism without centralization isn't as profitable. so like the writer said, their not going to abandon the idea of globalism, now comes the drive for centralization

  3. Wrong

    Now will come the -----------------------------

    Drive to Survive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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