Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Economic Crisis: A Controlled Demolition

Maurizio d'Orlando

The Greek crisis, the attack on Italy's debt, the risks to the euro, inflationary proposals for the dollar, and the Yuan deliberately undercut are shaking countries and governments throughout the world. Everything seems to be calculated according to a plan: to build a universal economic government "of a tyrannical type". The analysis of a political economist Just last night, Standard & Poor's lowered the credit ratings on the Italian sovereign debt, taking it from A+ to A, increasing concern of some gloomy scenarios in the global economic crisis, a crisis – we'll just say this right away – that looks to us like a "controlled demolition", with precise aims. The contradictions inherent in the world economy and its pattern of growth have always caught the attention of Asia News. Since 2003 we have offered our readers an analysis that has gone against the current, one often very critical with respect to the dominant thought.

Apart from the concrete, elevated and catastrophic risk of a world war stemming from differences of interest, what we don't like about this project is simply everything. But what is more outrageous and disgusting is the falsehood and artificiality with which it is pursued, while what worries most is the risk to the freedom of billions of people. It is, in fact, a plan to establish a Super state, in which to cage the whole earth in a kind of Soviet Union. It is the premise for this "dangerous universal power of a tyrannical type" of which the Pope wrote in his encyclical, "Caritas in Veritate".


  1. woooooov. its cocky anyway. either way you lose. Ive been telling buddies to stop looking for better work. the real work is digging trenches or smashing limos. i hate a limo i see a limo i smash it. That is going to be moto. I took it in my head when i was run down over 15 years back. i can handle it. but these people have crossed my line. keep it going please.

    - Sam

  2. You were " run down over" allright

  3. Are you dumb or what?

    " run down over 15 years back."

    read the whole sentence.

  4. I think you took it in your head allright !


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