Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things Look So Bad They Can Only Get Better

Calafia Beach Pundit

To judge by the level of Treasury yields, the outlook for the U.S. economy has never been so bad. At 0.2% and 0.9%, respectively, 2- and 5-yr Treasury yields are lower today than they have been at any time during my lifetime. Far lower. Lower even than they were at the end of 2008, when the market was priced to years of deflation, a global depression, the default of as many as half the companies in the country within the next 5 years, and a global financial collapse. Wow.

With his popularity plunging, and the economy on the ropes, Obama is being forced to change. I can't imagine that he will not adapt further, eventually supporting pro-growth, pro-business policies. The electorate doesn't like what's been happening. Keynesian stimulus policies have been proven not to work, and next week he simply can't reiterate his calls for more stimulus spending and more unemployment benefits. I've never seen so much political, economic and financial tension in the markets. This is not a long-run equilibrium situation; something has to change for the better, and it can't wait until next year's elections.


  1. things look so bad they can only get better

    this is untrue
    fact is we have been lied to for so long this is just the begining
    people are so stupid
    heres one dont worry be happy you have aids
    see how dumb that sounds

    treason has destroyed america and be happy as it go down the tubes our reward is here

  2. Everything has a reason man! Everything! You have AIDS for a reason; you did something you shouldn't have done - well if your being lied too; don't you think it's about time to change
    that? It's also about choices man - people on here just bitch and moan about politicans, banks. food prices. gasoline costs yada yada yada - how many say in the next sentence; I'm
    now growing a garden; I yanked everything out of the bank, cut up my credit cards and yold myself - never agin will I borrow from a bankster - I swithched my car over to CNG

    The choices are real and they do exist

    You want to talk about stupid ! Stupid is doing the same thing over and over and over
    and then expecting some winged angel to feel sorry for your dumb ass and make it different this time

    Get real man - if your gonaa talk the talk

    Try walkin' the walk !

  3. Everything has a reason man

    and what if you have cancer you did that too

    you seem very young
    i am not biching but speaking the truth
    everything does have a reason in gods eyes

    but if more people spoke up our country wouldnt be in this postion

    if you dont see how the politicans have destroyed this country i wont waste my breath
    also im rich you are proably poor and young

    so useing postive ideas to feed your inexperiance hopeing for good thinking thier has to be a reason for everything

    somtimes bad things happen to good people

    and to say we are on here bitching is a fools jest

    why are you here ? you must see that what is coming is bad and cant face the facts.

    just buy saying thier has to be a reason
    is a fools mind
    wisdom is earned and you are lacking

  4. What truth are you speaking?

    You offer NO - absolutly NO ways to alleviate said untruths and therin lies the utter contemtuous bullshit that you people CONSTANTLY \peddle on these sites !

    And then -- I call you on it

    And your reply?

    "If more people spoke up" - "the politicans have destroyed this country" -- " I'm rich"

    Fuck you; your rich you hippocritical sonofabitch - your nothing and also more importantly have NOTHING to offer

    I reiterate ! Man the fuck up or shut the fuck up and go back to whence you came

  5. 7:25 - Yeah - right on ! This idiot is rich? Look at this numbnuts grammar!

    " and what if you did have cancer you did that to" ??? WTF !

    " I am not biching - what is this word biching???

    " you are proably young " what is this word "proably"

    " so useing positve " useing ? WTF is that?

    " ineperiance hopeing" are trhos ein Websters
    under the heading Fucktard lingo or what ?

    " thier " thier what ? thier to do?

    " just buy saying " buy what fucktard a loaf of bread? It's ---- by ----- see the difference fucktard asshole buy ---- by ---
    bye -- bi ----

    your rich allright - that's the synopsis of WHY THIS COUNTRY IS F U C K E D

    Good night moron; sweet fucking nightmares


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