Sunday, September 4, 2011

US Needs Years To Get Employment Back To Pre-Recession Levels

Press TV

With the American economy years away from returning to pre-recession employment levels, Friday's news that the country failed to add any jobs at all in August is cause for concern, to put it lightly. Some states, in particular, have a very long way to go. In order to return employment back to pre-recession levels, the U.S. now needs to create 12.4 million jobs, according to the Brookings Institute's Hamilton Project.

Somewhere between 15 and 27 million people, depending on how you figure it, remain unemployed. ABC
The official jobless rate in the United States is over 9 percent. Econpost
In fact, when unemployment is measured according to the formula that was used when President Bill Clinton took office, it is actually around 20%. Free Republic
The unemployment rate for people without a college education is twice what it is for people with at least a bachelor's degree. Las Vegas Sun


  1. the title of this article reads
    "US Needs Years To Get Employment Back To Pre-Recession Levels"

    News Flash! "JOBS AIN'T COMING BACK"
    Technology has restructured our economy.
    Unfortunately the only thing that will bring back jobs is a major catastrophe or a super invention like the wheel or fire.

  2. 5:23 EXACTLY Correct.

    Job's ain't comin' back.

    And it ain't the Gov.'s job to "create" them either. It is the Gov.'s job to get the fu*k out of the way of commerce, stop meddling in people's affairs, and allow people to sink or swim as their inclinations allow.


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