Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to save yourself for that "rainy" day?

A veil of darkness seemed to have hit the U.S. economy, with the Department of Commerce revising downwards as third quarter GDP estimates at an annualized rate of 2.2% from the previous 3.5% what had been revised downwards to 2.8%. Although the recession has hit America, globally everyone has been hit by it. Stock markets are taking a beating across the world, which really shows that in time of recession, no one is safe. If expert opinion is to be believed, we get a contradictory portrait of the situation on the U.S. economy. While experts at Goldman Sachs estimate that the U.S. economy will decline further, they also feel that "India's influence on the world economy will be bigger and quicker than implied in our previously published BRICs research". They noted significant areas of research and development, and expansion that is happening in the country, which will lead to the prosperity of the growing middle-class. Now if a economy like India, with over 1 billion people, can grow steadily, why can’t we? More Here..

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