Thursday, October 13, 2011

Newest victim of economy - Students

American students seem to be the latest victims of the slowing-down economy and loan money is drying up. American students who need student loans to pay for college are beginning to have difficulty accessing funds. If there is a question why President Barack Obama has been encouraging students to obtain college or university, or why adults can return to school, the economy is one of the answers to this question. The quality of life that kids grew up knowing seems to have disappeared. The dream of going to college, get a good job, and buying a house has become more difficult to make a reality. More Here...


  1. Screw students. Most of them are unqualified boozers only attending college for the parties and drugs. We can thank the Department of Education for that.

    Basically, the scum who established it in 1982(?) first ruined the public schools by dumbing down the curriculums and getting "social" programs installed (dances, sports, etc.) Six hours of a day your kid gets to learn how to fear others while gaining only 15 minutes of academics.

    Secondly, they made it possible for ANYone to enter a university by making placement testing instead of actual qualification exams. If you can at least read at a fifth grade level, you'll be eligible for a reading 101 course where you'll obtain a credit. So now the few students left in American who can do a physics 106 course are not going to get any further ahead than those still doing college algebra.

    Loans of course are handed to everybody. Even if you drop out, which 90% do, they've still triumphed by handing it to you.

    Sick enough how many 30+ year olds go back to school. Desperation! They think there's going to be green on the other side, their depression or poverty will magically go away by getting a degree.

  2. They are better off without a the life time mortgage sized non-dischargeable debt incurred for a useless degree anyway.

    Yale or Fail, and most of those that need loans aren't getting into Yale so..

  3. I don't know where you are getting your facts, but it is not hard to get student loans. I have gone back to college to acquire my accounting degree. I am currently Phi Theta Kappa, and tickled to see that. I am an older student and think that this is what helps me. The accounting field and the medical field is going to be where it's at. I am getting a degree in a field that has a lot of need.


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