Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Outsourcing: Boon or Curse?

How outsourcing affects the U.S. economy really has been a subject of great debate. A study was conducted by Enterprise Systems in 2006; the main cause of domestic companies to outsource is to control costs. With the economic slowdown, more companies are outsourcing their data processing centers abroad. In fact, offshore outsourcing, the total rose from $ 75 billion to $ 76 billion in 2009. People from the political right will agree that outsourcing has a positive effect on the U.S. economy, More Here..


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  2. outsourced to elsewhere and now and growing, outsourced to automation and computer. as AI advances even teaching can be the day care commercial where the kids are watched over by robots and the one bot is carrying that kicking kid to..well who knows where it's taking him...maybe to the splicing center to have him borgatized and re-educated lol

  3. Maybe soom when I have to take a shit; I can outsource it to some computer in India ! They can then wipe my ass for me as well

  4. Best thing you can do is encourage your children to pursue a career which cannot be outsourced! Tradesman, Police etc. Even Politician! Politicians jobs and benefits will be protected until Jesus returns, and then they'd fight for better rights than Jesus.

  5. William Jefferson Clinton and Bush Junior have a lot to answer for their treason against the American people but their biggest heist was NAFTA and GATT which realized what Ross Perot warned was that large sucking sound in not only the US economy but especially in the American workforce.

    Now we are enjoying the fruits of their TREASON and people are so fooled that they are still scratching their heads wondering what the Hell happened!


    1. I think that it depends of the size of the company. if it is big probably it is better to have an internal department.


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