Sunday, October 9, 2011

Obama's tryst with Unemployment

Can you rely on national averages? As bad as that unemployed data sounds, we have not been told the whole truth. If you think the terrible impact of the Great American recession is demonstrated by an official unemployment rate of 9 percent, think again. One of the most important criteria of economic health is the use of a workforce of countries. This U.S. economic data can b More Here...


  1. 99 weeks is ENOUGH!!!!

  2. The reality is no jobs have been created more than those lost. Those unemployed from their original jobs have not found any new work, are no longer registered as unemployed, or have found a crappy fast food joint to work at.

    Fuck Rick Perry, FUCK Texas too. Idiot tea partiers want to boast about this farce job creation as if it is prosperity. Similar to the way slaughtering a bunch of poorly armed Arabs using long range missiles made Americans feel proud.

    The Tea Party is a scam. Beck and other fuckers are well paid elitist propaganda tools employed to keep people feeling guilty to call for change, make sure they continue honoring military and cops, praise corporations and millionaires, and vote in a their particular right wing candidate.

    See, Obama and Bernanke are controlled by whoever owns the Fed. Their goal is to devalue the dollar until it dies while pushing all of our wealth (JOBS) overseas. They can create the illusion in Republican states that everything is prospering because they are lenient with businesses and have increased the number of retail stores there. This is dangerous.

    Once the selected Republican gets in, he'll be the same tool Obama is. It will just appear glorious since Obama is such a fuck up. But the same decadence will continue. Poverty will spread, drugs and booze, ignorance, weakening of the dollar, jobs shipped away, retail stores opening up to import third world manufactured products, idiots making babies, dysfunctional families, reality shows, crippled job market, crippled people...

    This is a real nightmare when one can see past his hand and isn't glued to some google toy. Yes, but the same brain dead screwballs walk around malls or shopping centers unable to stop text messaging even when they walk about in the parking lot... they think everything is good and plenty since their being entertained.


  3. OK 11:49, Now that I herd ur crying. Now I want
    some solutions? S P E A K !!!

  4. There are none. We are done as a 'free' society. Prepare as an individual only. When we stop being the bankster's billy club it is over.

  5. end lobbying and bank/corporate campaign contributions. just 1 of many things need fixin. we vote, so do they, we donate 10bucks, they donate 10,000, we write our congressman, they lobby $$$$$$$ their objective. face it, we can't outspend them and voting isn't as powerful as money. if politics wasn't a lucrative job..then perhaps less purely gain minded individuals would run for office. Then maybe we'd have a better offering of people to vote for instead of all candidates merely playing both sides of the aisle for gain.

  6. What does this mean for Canada?? And what's gonna take place, another war? Bugger it, I can survive a little while, but is this going to be a slow transition or is the bottom going to just fall out over night? I am already considering buying silver. But where I am, the oil and gas companies are committed to 5 and 10 year projects. I don't see the logic in that if its going to go all to hell. Help


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