Monday, October 10, 2011

Still a Safe Bet: GOLD!!!

As early as 2008, financial advisers advised its customers to buy gold, as times were going to get tough. They could have been regarded as prophets of doom, at that time as with ever falling of the dollar, buying gold seems to be the only solution that people have to rely on. Prices of gold and silver are at historic record. Many questions are shaking the world today, because governments More Here...


  1. USD will be king in 2012 as Euro gets crushed with stocks

  2. woooooosh. not on my dime. when it comes to money stones arent good. if these stones trade in at register ill be stunned. the thing is nobody works for stones. thats to say gold silver iron, rocks, moon beams. whatever. If you have wad of cash you can buy anything. credit cards can do some but you must pay back the person soon. i know rich people like silver. you dont want to be rich now hosay. were coming for you rich boys. whity is going to give back what he took. i dont think you want to be red handed with gold in hands when we change the nation.

    - Sam

  3. You have no understanding of fiat currency. If you did you would know that all fiat currencies eventually go to $-0-. The US dollar has already lost 94% of its value since 1913.

    It will also go to $-0-. It is not worth the digital paper it is printed on. Anything real is a better bet. Little pieces of paper backed by nothing, not so good.


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