Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1/4 American Kids In Poverty & Record Profits, Bonuses

Cenk Uygur discusses yet another report on how corporations are making record profits and executives are taking huge bonuses – at the same time about a quarter of children of America are living in poverty and the unemployment rate is still incredibly high. Also, Republicans are slashing taxes on the rich and corporations while attacking workers rights and other programs that benefit the poor and middle class. Watch the video....


  1. I don't have a lot of hope for this country. The reason is that there are too many people that believe so-called workers "rights" and other programs that benefit the poor and middle class are somehow right or fair or constitutional. The left continues to steal/tax money from the productive to reward the unproductive. Our federal cost of paying the poor to remain unproductive exceeds $1.2 trillion and the states combined redistribute even more then that to the "poor". We have just about killed this golden goose and now some on the left think we should finish the job and tax the productive right out of business and give the money top the voters, oops, I mean poor. The rational politicians (which I admit are few and far between) are attacked by the media and the loony left if they dare try to bring economic sanity to our budget and tax system. So more and more corporations move offshore and more and more jobs disappear and the left is chasing that golden goose with a hatchet...

  2. In this country we have breast-fed CEOs and starving children.

  3. 1:13 PM, you are another conservative nut case who completely reverses facts to fit your theories. The richest people are stealing from everyone else, often using taxpayer dollars to do it. The billions they take out of our economy could go to making the lives of Americans less difficult.

    But hey, every lying conservative talk show tells you to blame the poor and the unions for our problems. That way, you won't call for the jailing of the real thieves. Nor do you have the brains to actually find the real facts. So far, there have been several university studies that show the stupidest people in this country are the ones who watch Fox News every day. Go back to worshiping at the altar of Sean Hannity and stop polluting this site.

  4. I was waiting to see how long this jackass would get around to blaming a political party in the video

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