Tuesday, November 29, 2011

As Public Sector Sheds Jobs, Blacks Are Hit Hardest

Don Buckley lost his job driving a Chicago Transit Authority bus almost two years ago and has been looking for work ever since, even as other municipal bus drivers around the country are being laid off.

At 34, Mr. Buckley, his two daughters and his fiancĂ©e have moved into the basement of his mother’s house. He has had to delay his marriage, and his entire savings, $27,000, is gone. “I was the kind of person who put away for a rainy day,” he said recently. “It’s flooding now.”

Mr. Buckley is one of tens of thousands of once solidly middle-class African-American government workers — bus drivers in Chicago, police officers and firefighters in Cleveland, nurses and doctors in Florida — who have been laid off since the recession ended in June 2009. Such job losses have blunted gains made in employment and wealth during the previous decade and undermined the stability of neighborhoods where there are now fewer black professionals who own homes or who get up every morning to go to work. Read more....

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  1. thought wheeze were having a green shoots growth party going on in the states? My state made cuts..but..turns out not. the "cuts" were merely canceling of prior scheduled hikes in indebtedness...or debt spending if you prefer..kinda like what feds did some months ago lol. Hard truth but must be dealt with, what was based on debt spending..business activity and jobs etc, should it have ever been allowed to begin with? if you'd of not bought the new granite countertops and gizmo's which you can't now pay for, but by buying that employed someone somewhere, now that you sanely stop going further into debt and buying the granite and gizmo's, that someone is out of a job. your bad, it's all your fault. if you don't keep going further into debt and buying the granite, someone needs you to continue indebting yourself and buying gizmo's or their out of work. but instead you'll say- I'm sorry, I'm unable to afford more debt. but when it comes to gov spending...non of this applies? it's bad, bad to cut debt spending...but we don't call it what it is..we just say spending.

    then many will follow the lure and say, cut spending for their interests but not for my interest, and not the offense/world policing budget as this current war is eternal and the UN needs us. so, basically..gimme mine, cut their's, and keep the offense budget.
    Is there a defense budget..how much? what's the cost of defense vs offense? what responsibility and role should gov have? do we defend our borders? why not? what happens if we say no to the UN? audit the Fed? revamp trade? ban derivatives? ban lobbying? spend within our means?..it'd be ..the end of all things as we know them huh. it's too bad...to late to fix it. those tin hat types said people wouldn't wake up til it's to late. they were shouted down but then, throughout history, the poor and rich alike have always stoned the prophets huh. Poor or rich..or is it a people's heart thing?

    spend onward all households and govs!....until an overseer is appointed and all budgets and transactions must be preapproved by the coming one.
    think not? is it happening to some developed western countries already? the policy is no longer reserved for banana republics.
    interesting times, get saved.


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