Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is the Cost of Living Really Rising?

According to Prof. Steve Horwitz, one contemporary economic myth is that the cost of living has consistently risen for Americans over the past century. In fact, prices are higher today than they were 100 years ago. However, prices today have been heavily influenced by inflation. One way of avoiding inflationary distortions is to look at amount of labor hours required to make a purchase. Using this analysis, Prof. Horwitz finds that most goods and services have never been cheaper. Watch the video.....


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  2. Some prices are less, but the quality of the goods is terrible. So what if I can buy an electric can opener for $7 instead of $25?--the effing can opener dies after three months. In fact, anything new is made like shit so it will stop working or fall apart.

    I also think it's ironic that an iPad is pictured. Don't you remember the CEO who was touting the low price of the latest gizmo when he was shouted down by a guy who said "I can't eat an iPad"?

    Everything in the supermarket is more expensive. So are all "services." Services include fuel deliveries--when's the last time your heating oil or your plumber cost less money?

  3. turkey's cost more. don't use a plumber. ask a friend with tools. some communities have a tool share thing also, go there check one out for a time return it, voila! homelowes hates such non buyers of every tool on the planet lolol. craigs list has quality used tools, why buy new? hand tools keep the joints strong and healthy, work hard it's good for us. here we've also a used building materials also paint..quality the same but cheap. find other venues to buy if needs be to buy. patch those jeans, used to be all did that. who cares what any think, after all look at the world today! lolol
    ...or...we go to the store at 4am and mace everyone while salivating and drooling with eyes aflame thinking of all the fun the xbox will deliver! LOLOL. some ask sometimes...are we worth saving...yeah, but it does make one think huh.

    they charge high for whatever thing they've managed to foist through the tv onto peoples minds that they must have this particular thing, the proof is the madness of the shoppers and debt. other then food, people could cease to buy...the price would come's almost as if people got together...they could effect things huh.

  4. Just another note about the advice: I've bought 2nd hand tools and I try to do things myself. But the problem is that I have bad arthritis. Yesterday it took me 45 minutes to get 8 screws out of the wall. Plus, the new drills are made with the battery pack part of the handle, and that makes the effing tool weigh more, and even more difficult for me to use. Self-sufficiency is great but not everyone can do it.

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