Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top 20 Lowest Paying Jobs in America

List of top 20 lowest paying jobs in America

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  1. The United States may soon have to replace the expression, “the land of opportunity,” with “the land of low wages.”

  2. 2008 article from sandiago union tribune on wgaes for auto workers in mexico is interesting..yep, and with the new pan asian trade agreement recently passed one idea was to export auto's made in america over to s. wages/input costs must fall for the s. koreans to afford the cars, and as material input costs rise, wages are one of the remaining area's to cut costs. new hires in mexico went from $5ish and hr to $ us has 2 tier system now for new hires, new hires get $14ish hr..soon $10.
    lets think again what we were told about free trade, and after all these years they've not fixed a thing about it, 'cept talk a good story about getting around to fixing it. But they look good on camera, and have stage presence, great speeches, and that's all that over substance.

  3. 2008 article from Santiago union tribune on wages for auto workers in Mexico is interesting.

  4. farming has a future, besides when the eu joins in printing and paper becomes of less value, directly getting your food will be helpful


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