Friday, December 16, 2011

Currency Crash: 'No solution to crisis - too late to save euro'

The person essentially in charge of Europe's purse strings says there is no easy fix to the Eurozone's debt crisis and finding a solution will take years. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the region needs a new financial union with stronger controls and debt regulations. Economic analyst Michael Mross, says he agrees with the EU monetary chief, who warned the Eurozone is running out of time to tackle its debt. Read more.......


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  2. Well, it's good to see this blog posting some articles with a basis in reality. Keep this improvement consistent and you should regain your audience.

    Obviously there are no solutions except embracing the ineluctable chaos once "they" can no longer keep the gimmick going. The Tea Party is a scam to keep Americans compliant until they complete their objective of robbing us. They pretended to be a third party, while being exactly the same mentally as those politicians in the Bush administration.

    (Muslims are bad, the wars in the middle east are necessary, the CIA is for our best interest, banks are good, wallstreet is your friend, the child slaves in other countries don't matter like our kids - our crap toys are more important than stopping slavery, America cannot be defeated because Jesus loves us, etc.)

    The only jobs available for Americans are retail stores, but the Tea Party retards celebrate the billionaire owners of any chain since they're creating jobs. THEY ARE THE JOB CREATORS! WE LOVE YOU FOR ALL THE JOBS YOU HAVE MADE FOR US. THANK YOU!

    Anyways, on a serious note, the degeneracy will spiral into oblivion in the next few years as the middle class vanishes. Making a living will be impossible; jobs will be so scarce, our currency will be nearly useless, food prices will inflate, and unemployment will keep rising.

    Drugs and booze will keep people content and distracted, as well as the music videos brain dead, ugly, drug addicted whores like Lady Gaga make showing her wearing next to nothing.

    We have nothing better to focus on I suppose. The next best thing is rooting for idiots in the military. Wave a flag like a fag for kids that come back with missing limbs or needing anti-psychotic medication. Guess what fat ass American... they didn't save ours or anyone's freedom for their sacrifice.

    What a loser nation we turned into. Let's hope something "bad" happens as soon as possible so we can start a fresh.

  3. to late to save it in existing form...budgetary financial fiscal union the outcome. in case some think that's good, why should a country that's had decades or centuries of self rule cede it's sovereign self over to un-elected non entities...democracy dead. spreading out to a country near you, and yours, in time. they call it a new--world--order. nothing new just the name. oh well, get saved


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