Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jews control World Economy

This time Malaysian Prime Minister exposes their control of money supply and using countries like America as their proxy..Who is behind Financial crisis?

1) Alan Greenspan - kept interest rates low so that Jewish bankers can plunder

2) Ben Bernanke - same as above

3) Dick Fuld - CEO of Lehman

4) Jimmy Caynes - CEO of Bear Sterns

5) Maurice Greenberg - ex CEO of AIG

6) Sandy Weils - ex CEO of Citigroup

7) Madoff - cheater even by Jewish standards

8) Milken - Junk bond king

What do they all have in common - they all belong to 1 ethnic group which has started wars and famines throughout human history. aka Jew


  1. You think that's bad. How bout Hollywood and virtually all MSM. LOL. They ARE the NWO.

    Read Henry Ford:

  2. This article will not go well for the masses. I would remove its contents immediately.

  3. editor, what's your solution? wow

    greed knows no one by race or ethnicity, all hearts are the same yet not all hearts favor the same ills, some are greedy, some love pleasures, some hate. you find the same ills common with man everywhere from all walks, birthrights, colors, lands.
    I know, the nazi's had good hearts right? what's next? the KKK is full of love and goodness?

  4. I write from the single wide trailer in which my family and I live. We live paycheck to paycheck. And we're Jewish.

    I guess we missed the "take over the world" meeting.

    Your ignorance breeds scary behavior. Trust me.

  5. This is disgusting. I'm outraged by the appearance of something like this. The quality of writing on this site has been getting worse of late but this is just too much. I used to make donations to this site. Now I'm deleting the link.

  6. This post took guts and it needed to be said. Those featured in the article and their like are revealed in Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9. True Children of Israel and Christians should not be fooled by these greedy servants of the devil.

  7. It seems there are several theories on the state of mankind right now:

    1) Isreal, the US, and Britain feign dangerous dictators and Islamic Radicalism to take over the world.

    2) Lizards from another world hijacked the bodies of various world leaders and suck our consciousness away.

    3) Some Jewish families are the main conspirators in taking over the world financially.

    4) Corporations need to be stopped, money is the root of all evil.

    5) Socialists and Communists are working on the destruction of the capitalist system, and their progressive policies are the reason poverty is spreading.

    6) Everything is fine, the television would tell us if there were problems to be worried about. I still have a cell phone, how bad can things be dude?

    7) The devil has taken over humanity, the rapture is soon.

    8) Spiritual living is being threatened right now because of a flooding of delusions from ubiquitous sources that are pulling people away from their serenity, sanity, and center. The result will be a psychotic society which will inevitably cave in on itself.

    9) Mankind is being challenged to move past the old ways of living; money, status quo, mindless entertainment, hierarchy, etc. and in the process of evolution, chaos will ensue tentatively.

    I'm more along the lines of the penultimate theory. Ostensibly, the author of this article swings with one and three.

  8. While I agree that the modern day money changers are the generational sons of the same group that Christ threw out of the Second Temple one is foolish to believe that all Jews are evil and to blame for our current financial mess! Each of us will answer for are deeds someday either at the Bema are White Throne. I have been to Israel and know many Jewish people who are hard working, honest and honorable people. No one forced our Congress to spend more than we take in and the public never had to charge every credit card to the max nor buy a house beyond what they could pay for either.

  9. Exactly, 12:18.

    Nobody holds a gun up to our heads when we decide to piddle money away on porn, start a drug addiction, or cheat on spouses.

    I have never been forced to drink beer, when I do once in a while I always regret it the next day. No banker or politician had a swat team threatening me to do actions that I regret later.

    However, they certainly have inflated our currency to the point now where making a living is impossible. The youth have no chance in this world, I want to vomit everytime I hear older men complain about how they did just fine and never took money from the government.

    It was a totally different case 20, 30, 50 years back...

  10. The reason why so many Jews are in finance is because the Christians prohibited them from working in other professions. Christians loved to borrow from the Jews and then, to avoid having to pay back the loans, either instigated pogroms or just threw all Jews out of the country. I guess reaping what you sow also applies to the Christians.

    Meanwhile, why would I believe anything said by the bigoted Muslim despot of a backward country?

  11. Anonymous is outraged huh? Well yes it is an outrage... the fact that this ethnic group can hijack a nation, fake its own terror attack, then use this an excuse to launch the World Wide War on Terror' as justification to plunder the world's resources.

    But who should you be disgusted and outraged at? The messenger? NO!

    Take a look at these documentaries to get some facts on the matter

    I'm disgusted too, and after viewing this I am sure anyone views it will be as well.

  12. use of the word jew is grossly offensive. sorry, but jews are not responsible for the irresponsibility of a nation and its members who continue to use credit to live an otherwise unaffordable lifestyle. Americans should take responsibility at the household level. If blaming jews is the latest gig, then this country is in a sorrier state than I ever imagined. Good luck! At least the jews aren't gonna be begging for rice!

  13. Great article! It is truly amazing that so many people STILL don't realize that the economy of the world is ran by jews. Just look at the names!
    Thank You Thank You Thank You for posting this article.

  14. How dare you tell the truth about jews! The Rothschilds, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank are all jewish institutions. They get into these positions for control and power over the non-jew races of the world. For more great info on this subject, click here:

  15. Jews all over the world and each county has them. I don't know anyone who is in high position in my country as they are trying to hide their background.

  16. Jews like Bart Torvik, a gay Jew who lives with his mommy at age 40, control the internet. Jews post filth against non-Jews every second because that is how they take over the world. There is no true media, only Jewish, slanted lies. Bart Torvik is a Jew on the run from Minnesota, where he is wanted for hate crimes.

  17. Bart Torvik tries to pretend he is a "Norwegian Jew" as if being a Norwegian Jew absolves him from the natural evil tendencies of all Jews. In fact, Bart Torvik has not one drop of Norwegian blood. Instead, he is a Russian Jew, most of whose names end in "vik" such as "Torvik." Bart Torvik has no credentials as a lawyer and he himself admits he is "not registered in Minnesota." That is why he left the state when his Minnesota clients got wise to him.

  18. Bart Torvik is descended from Russian Jews, and got his name "Torvik" from his paternal ancestors. His mommy is also a Russian Jewess. Bart Torvik pretends to be a shyster to suck money out of victims who need a lawyer. Don't fall for his lies! Bart Torvik is not licensed in any state and will just take your money and disappear.


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