Saturday, December 24, 2011

Will The Coming Economic Collapse Tear America Apart!

My views on whether the coming economic collapse will united the American people or tear them apart. I also talk about how I think relationships and communities will transform after the collapse. I address the issue of millions of drug-dependent Americans losing access after the collapse, the care of the elderly and sick. Read more....


  1. Arguably, exteme times produce extreme opportunities. This should be treated as such. Want to cry in your soup? Go ahead.. Opportunities will be produced, apleanty. Just have to be a bit different then prior to accept such.. Wonderful thing about the US.. you can make it as YOU see fit.. Merry Christmas!!

  2. It will definitely shift class structures and probably polarize them even more than they are now. Where you end up depends on how much you prepare.

  3. I think that the decline of the US society coupled with the threat of a rising China, might well be necessary to unite Americans of all different stripes. Unlike monoethnic or dominant dominant nations, the US is very diverse does not have the luxury of having an history spanning thousands of years or a common heritage to its citizens. We need an existential threat to unite us.

    The real problem was that America became too powerful and prosperous for her own good, that Americans stopped focusing on the welfare of their nation at large and universally condemning the wrong doer no matter their background They stopped being a united force and created their own internal conflicts and fell prey to the artificial divisions engineered by those elites. Americans born in the middle or the late twentieth century, who had never seen their nation experience serious hardship, just took its power and properity for granted and assumed America was invincible and would always reamin in a prosperous state.

    I think we will have to fall hard and start from scratch.

  4. Do you think China will forgive some of our debt if they get the upper hand anyway?


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