Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dollar to Crash, Unemployment Rise and Stocks Bite Dust: Analysts

Despite talk of an improving economy and a surge in stock markets, doomsayers have warned of tougher times ahead for Americans with an imminent financial crash looming in the near future.

Three analysts, with expertise on finance and trends, told the USA Today Monday that the worst of the financial crisis was yet to hit the nation.

Gerald Celente from the Trends Research Institute talked of an impending "economic 9/11" situation, that he believes will result from the shortcomings or lack of control from lawmakers in dealing with economic disasters.

Celente, who is long known for forecasting trends since 1980, predicts that dollar will crash, thereby leading to less purchasing power and unemployment.

"2012 is when many of the long-simmering socioeconomic and political trends that we have been forecasting and tracking will climax," Celente said in the report.

"When money stops flowing to the man on the street, blood starts flowing in the street," the trend setter added.

The publication also profiled Harry Dent, who authored a book titled "The Great Crash Ahead." Dent foresees a stock market crash around 2013 or 2014 and believes stocks are given an "artificial short-term boost". Read more.....

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