Monday, March 5, 2012

Obama's 8 New Ideas For the Economy

Voters are going to hear a lot about fairness over the next several months.

President Obama has kicked off his re-election campaign with a new emphasis on the government's role in making sure middle-class workers get a "fair shot" and the wealthy do their "fair share." Some components of this new fairness regime are old standbys, such as Obama's call for more infrastructure spending, investments in green energy, and higher taxes on the wealthy.

But Obama also unveiled some new ideas in his State of the Union speech, which will soon be presented to Congress as formal legislative proposals. They'll also become key talking points on the campaign trail, as Obama explains his vision for a second term and differentiates himself from his Republican opponent. Here are eight new ideas that form the basis of Obama's plan to create jobs and restore prosperity:

1. A minimum tax for multinational corporations. This is Obama's response to the controversial news from last year that General Electric effectively paid no income tax, even though it earned $3.2 billion in profit in 2010. That revelation led to greater scrutiny of corporate tax practices and the ability of many companies to exploit loopholes that dramatically lower their tax burden. Read more.......

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