Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 Faces Behind The Incredible Law School Underemployment Crisis

With law firms cutting back, thousands of law school graduates are still unemployed while stuck with six-figure student loan debt.

Some students have filed class-action law suits against more than a dozen schools alleging that officials misled them about their job prospects after graduation.

"The system of legal education is completely broken now," former Chicago-Kent College of Law student Richard Komaiko told us. "Almost everyone I know from law school is unemployed or seeking alternative employment."

We wanted to hear the truth behind the crisis, so we interviewed several recent graduates, including those who have gone into entirely different fields, and one who is living just above the poverty line.

Four years after graduating from law school, Erin Gilmer is on food stamps

While in law school at the University of Colorado and the University of Houston, Gilmer developed a passion for health law and policy, but pursuing that passion has made it exceedingly hard to pay her bills. Read more.....


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