Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Great World Depression (2012-2020)

UPDATE (2011-01-08) : This post has quickly become the most read post in this blogs history, after being published a year ago. Since then, I have only become more convinced that my predictions are correct. I have also realized that it is pointless to keep focusing on the disasters that is coming, and much better to actually start adapting at beforehand. Thus, after this post, I encourage you to read a couple of things.

First, the new years post of 2012, where I sort of explain why I’m done with this shit (Goodbye, and hello again).

Second, I just published the first useful post on how to do things for real, instead of just droning on in the pathetic politico-economic misery we find ourselves in (Chronicles of Able Man)

Finally, if you are looking for statistics and data, just try and search. I’ve written over 3000 posts the last few years, and many show graphs of economic data supporting my conclusions. If there is something you can’t find, leave a comment and I’ll go dig. Or do some digging yourself, Google-fu is a fine sport. The conclusions are what they are, and I’ll happily see them contested, but until proven wrong, I will have to believe that I’m in fact right. I’m always happy to chat it up with any readers, there are quite a few regulars these days and more people keep popping in. If you’re one of those who ended up here by searching for economic depression-topics, then you are very welcome to say hello. I’ll be here for a long time. Read more......

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