Thursday, April 19, 2012

World war 3 usa and israel vs russia and iran

Iran possesses an Armed Forces of roughly four million. This includes Active, Reserve and Paramilitary components. The Iranian also possesses an unknown number of Basij Militia members. In 1985 the number of the Basij Militia stood at three million strong. This brings Iran’s total military capabilities up to almost seven million. By comparison, the entire US Armed Forces stands at a little over two and a half million Active, Guard and Reserve forces, keeping in mind the fact that much of this force is currently deployed overseas.

Additionally, Iran’s armed forces are strengthened by the presence of at least 29 Russian Air Defense Systems and possibly a contingent of Russian troops. The presence of Russian troops in Iran would be likely since Russia has held joint military exercises with Iran and signed a mutual defense agreement with the Persian country. Coincidentally, this is eerily similar to the defense treaty signed between Russia and China.

Iran is no country to be underestimated. Iran has developed weapons, in conjunction with the Chinese Aeronautics Industry, capable of attacking and destroying the US fleet in the Persian Gulf – namely, the Kowsar Missile which is capable of being launched undetected from land or sea and striking US ships anywhere in the Persian Gulf. Weapons such as these could not only do significant damage to the US fleet but could completely negate US naval power in the region. Read more.......


  1. first examine Israel today and see..are they dwelling safely, securely? No..their neighbors and they have trouble all the time. When russia moves with iran and some others to Israel it's foretold they dwell securely in their land, safely with unwalled villages, unlike today.

    so whatever happens with iran/russia etc today, isn't ww3..not yet. So what might happen that after it..israel dwells safely and securely as foretold? another war, smaller, with it's direct neighbors perhaps. After that and some months later comes russia with some other countries. one possibility. A key to remember is that it's written of israel at the time russia moves down that they dwell safely and securely in unwalled villages, unlike today. A few places to read, ezekiel 38 and 39, isaiah 17, psalms 83.

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