Saturday, May 26, 2012

To fix student loans, respect education

The House Republican majority recently passed a budget that deeply slashes Pell Grants for nearly 10 million college students and allows student loan interest rates to double in July. While Democrats began working to prevent this interest rate increase, which would cost the average college student about $1,000 per year of school, one Republican member deemed it and rising college costs a “distraction” from our real problems.

What Republicans never seem to understand is that keeping college affordable for students and families is vital not just to the growth of our economy, but to the continued existence of the middle class. In this tough economy, people are turning to colleges and job training because they know that is the future for them, their families and the country.

According to the U.S. Census, the average college graduate makes almost $22,000 more a year than the average worker with a high-school degree. Over the course of a lifetime, that adds up to close to a million dollars in earnings. Meanwhile, about eight in 10 jobs in this economy are beyond the reach of workers who lack a post secondary credential like an industry certification, occupational credential or college degree. Read more.......


  1. Pell grants + "free stuff" to buy votes. What the hell is the federal government doing giving money away? Have you ever read the constitution? As for student loans it too is unconstitutional and the federal government should get out of the business and walk away from them. Turn the loans over to collectors and make the borrowers pay. We are bankrupt and this massive debt is killing people. This is pure stupidity.

  2. Education is absolutely needed. But proposed medicine is killing the patient. The "grants" have allowed colleges to increase the funding paid the "tenured" staff. It is a poisonous combination. The administrative cost of college is top heavy and unsustainable because of the government subsidies. Now the costs are so high apparently the govenment is only one that can fund it until it cracks them we all lose.

  3. You couldnt be more wrong about this. The only reason there is a student loan bubble are the loan gurantees to colleges which gives rise to double digit increases in tuition costs.

    Take away the loan guarantees, roll back the mandate that student loan guarantees survive bankruptcy, and you'll see immediate increase in higher ed affordability. This would occur because students would no longer be able to afford high priced college and if they did bamboozle some lender into making a college loan they could walk from it without recourse.

    The worthless degree factories need to have their legs cut off in the same way that the medical industrial complex needs to have theirs cut off by allowing prescription drug imports.

  4. 9:39, similar could be applied to say..the cash price vs the insured price for outpatient medical procedures...

    How about we allow student loans to be dissolved with bankruptcy!

    Colleges are the biggest waster of money of any institution in the USA

    My wife works for a college and they piss money away like its free, because it is free to them!

    Look at the degrees granted and in what fields ! do you see Engineering and math and science as a majority of degrees?

    College is to employ liberal assholes to teach bullshit to idiots who think a degree in English or art will get them a job...

    Brain dead liberals deserve what they get

  6. Student loan difficulties can only be fixed if those that have borrowed it will get a stable job after they have graduated from college degree. There some other way to fix it though but the best solution is to have a job so that they could repay it every time they will be getting their salaries.

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