Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reasons Why the U.S. Dollar is Really Rising

Keith Fitz-Gerald writes: By all accounts, the U.S. dollar should be the functional equivalent of a Zimbabwean bill.

The Fed has pumped trillions into the worldwide financial system as part of misguided stimulus efforts that should be incredibly inflationary.

Yet, instead of a disastrous repeat of the Weimar Republic, the U.S. dollar has strengthened considerably.

This despite rising unemployment, slowing economic growth and a debt debate that's about to begin anew.

Since last July, the U.S. dollar has risen against all 16 major currencies while the Intercontinental Exchange Dollar Index is up 12%, according to Bloomberg.

In fact, the greenback is now higher than it was when the Fed engaged in Operation Twist in late 2011 as part of a plan to keep the dollar low by buying bonds.
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  1. The money junkies on wall street are telling us what the dolloar is worth, and as long as everyone believes them it will continue. The junkies are liars and rob you one way or another.
    Let them inflate the money like crazy, the goyim will work for it, slave for it. What a wacky world we live in.
    They print money and every thing is just fine, you print money you go to jail. The real life monoply game is here and we are doomed. Bankrupt one by one as the elite are using us for target practice.
    Woe to the elite for the judgement will be upon you from the Almighty God.

  2. hear that alot..woe to the elite..who to them, and them..

    rather the scripture has concluded all are under sin, that the promise of Christ might be for all who will believe in Him. So judgement comes for sin, all types of it, and all outside/apart from Christ are under sin still. It's rather this, one is IN Christ, or outside of Christ.

    However it's a good warning, if it wasn't meant as a curse, woe to the elite, but would be better said woe to all under sin, outside of Christ, turn from sin and call upon Christ with a sincere heart, if serious, He'll hear.

    meanwhile pray for your enemies..the lake of fire is eternal. Is the loss of money or lifestyle pleasures so great that we'd return curse for curse, eye for eye. without mercy, we won't receive mercy, without forgiveness, who can be forgiven? guard our own hearts.

    Is it possible to carry out say a sentence, without malice? remove from office or station, without bitterness or hatred, can it be done while still guarding the heart? it's just money after all..not like it's God or family or friends or something.

  3. Well the greater judgement will be on the elite as they have sold their soul to Satan, As Satan said to Jesus "I will give you the kingdoms of the world if you bow down and worship me". So we walk in the way of Christ, As Christ said IF you love me, keep my commandments, the 10 commandments which Jesus gave, who was the God of the Old Testament. IN Christ or do you mean Christ in you, because one is baptised and receives the holy spirit of God, as Paul said do you not know that you are the Temple of God and Christ dwells in you.
    Yes the collective sin of all mankind brings the curse of Deuteronomy unto us all.

    A Sincere heart can be deceptive as "The Heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it?" Christ has to be approached with you understanding that you are wretched and become repentant of all your sins and understand the whole bible, every word and being converted and conform to the word of God, keep Gods Sabbath and Holy days, and recognise the evils of the religions of this world and do not learn the way of the heathen or the ways of the satan worshipping elites.

    So yes as I said Woe to the Elite as the judgement of God is upon them.

    It may be just money, but God said do not steal, breaking a commandment of God, and how great do they steal through inflation.

    The lake of fire is Gods judgement and decision only, and God can change the greatest of executors of Christians such as Saul to turn on Gods side and become Paul. It is easier to put a camel through an eye of needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God, but anything is possible for God.

    God said, "all the Gold and Silver is mine", So maybe all the gold and silver would have to be surrendered to Christ at the beginning of Christs millennium, who knows, just a thought.

  4. I dunno about selling a soul as all apart from Christ are already satan's, all are under sin as said in galations I think, that the promise of Christ would be for any who'd believe in Him. I do think satan offers to empower them, raise them up and use them for his uses and the bait/tradeoff is power/riches/pleasures/the world etc, also therefore further entrapping/ensnaring them in blindness etc. Yeah their judgement is greater as their actions effect the many more. Christ paid the price for souls though, so even they can possibly escape the judgement of God, through Christ.

    hmm..with the richman/camel thought, as the economic means of many formerly well off's who hoped and placed faith in means and money fails, maybe a chance they'll rethink/consider again the truth as shown in scripture about this world and selves? receive Christ? Hope and pray to that, what satan and the world means for bad, God can use to good huh. lol, paul said something about loss of the worlds goods and status..said he counts all that former stuff as dung, for the great calling and knowing of Christ


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