Monday, June 25, 2012

Tensions rise as justices kick healthcare ruling to next week

The Supreme Court did not rule on President Obama's healthcare law Thursday, raising tensions before a decision next week.

The ruling was possible Thursday but not expected. The court traditionally holds its biggest decisions until the last day of the term, and the healthcare case is among the most highly anticipated decisions in decades, overshadowing the current term.

The next possible day for a decision is Monday, but justices will add more days to the schedule later next week.

Television camera crews set up outside the court Thursday just in case a decision on the healthcare law was released. There is also great interest in an expected court decision on Arizona's controversial immigration law. The Arizona decision also was not released Thursday.

Interest in the court's docket was also reflected at the SCOTUSblog, which said it had 22,000 visitors on Thursday morning. Read more......

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  1. I'd like to point out to the right-wingers out there that ending the mandate will result in (1) your premiums going up faster, (2) your benefits being cut, (3) your older kids being kicked off the plan, (4) any child born with a birth defect will be considered as having a prior disease and will be unable to get insurance coverage for the rest of his/her life.

    And by the way, there never were any death panels. But just wait until your private insurance carrier refuses you treatment. I wonder who you will turn to for help? Sarah Palin?


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