Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Ultimate Preppers – They Were Preppers, But Didn’t Know It

It always frustrates me when I turn on the television, read a newspaper or any other source of main stream media that is running a story on preppers. Invariably, with any television series or special, it is promoted with pictures of people with gas masks and AK 47’s talking about how they intend to kill zombies when the golden horde arrives upon their doorsteps when the SHTF. The most popular of these shows is the “Doomsday Preppers” series that is running on the National Geographic channel. I will admit, I watch every episode because there are always things I can learn when seeing what others have done to prepare for whatever they are preparing for and find the show to be very entertaining. In my opinion however, these extreme preppers are not a good representative of the vast majority of preppers.

Depending upon what any person is prepping for, be it an EMP attack with the long term loss of the power grid, a tornado/hurricane/flood, collapse of the financial system, nuclear war or any number of potential calamities that may come your way, there are always some basics that are universal across the board. These being food, water, defense of life and home and sustainability into an unknown future that will last as long as it does. Outside of these staples of prepping, I have seen some of the extreme preppers having gas masks for the family, underground bunkers designed to ignite propane through hand rails to fry intruders in hallways leading to safe rooms and even homemade explosive devices. I can see why they do it and by having some of these things, they are probably more prepared than most. Having gas masks may be more common place in the prepping community and important for survival, but my point is that these are things that preppers typically take care of after the basics are complete. Read more.......


  1. With all the trouble going on in Europe with the Euro and the financial crises. I find it a little scary that one of the largest banks in Italy has frozen all their customers accounts. People are stuck over their with no way to get their money. I have been looking for a place to get some food to store just in case that ever happened here. I have tried several samples from different providers and all of the stuff I tried sucked. I did find a company called Go Foods and their stuff is actually pretty good. If anyone is interested in being prepared if something does happen here the link is below. I also put some links of the crap that is happening in Europe.

  2. farms, ranch's, hunting, fishing, working..I dunno about grnadparents or it's a lifestyle. prepping is a lifestyle, it's a requirement, but most don't think of it as anything other then living.

  3. Helicopter Bernake will help us prepare, He will flood the world with dollar bills so we can use it as fuel to keep the fire burning to keep us warm in winter. One dollar bill is better to get than hundred dollar bills as you can get more out of them. More bang for your buck as they say.


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