Sunday, July 8, 2012

10 Reasons Most People Like Obamacare Once They Know What's Really In It

People are suspicious of Obamacare in the abstract, but when it gets to the specifics they tend to like it a lot better.

There are two Affordable Care Acts. There's the legislation passed by Congress in 2009, and then there's the mythical Affordable Care Act – the perfidious “government takeover” decried and demagogued by so many conservatives (and quite a few liberals). The former is quite popular, the latter gets decidedly mixed reviews.

Don't take my word for it. A recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found Americans split down the middle, with 41 percent approving of the law, and 40 percent saying they didn't like it (PDF). But then Kaiser asked about 12 specific provisions in the legislation, and found that, on average, 63 percent of respondents approved of the nuts and bolts of Obamacare. Of the 12 measures they tested, only one – the controversial mandate to carry health insurance or pay a penalty – received the approval of less than half of Americans (35 percent).

Or consider this divide: while only 12 percent of Republicans had a positive view of the law overall, 47 percent, on average, viewed its specifics favorably.

And here's the kicker: Kaiser found that the most popular parts of the law were also the ones most Americans weren't aware of, and vice-versa. Almost everyone knows about the mandate, which most people don't like, but fewer than half of those polled knew about the law's tax credits for small businesses that offer their employees coverage, a provision that eight out of 10 people liked when they heard about it. Read more....


  1. Why didn't you tell the full story or didn't you read the 2700 pages?Glossed over the typical drive by highlights like mandates and it's (affordability) but didn't mention the lines you will be in.The tax on specialized care hidden in the bill. The govt; decidding what you will receive.Ever heard of Social Security,The Post Office,and numerous other government debacles?

  2. I smell typical left wing bullshit. This is government taking over 1/5th of the total economy with authoritarian iron fist actions!

    What this tells me is that the 63 % who like it are idiots and should move to some socialist nation.

    I am Anonymous because filling in enough info to use my own handle is a pain in the butt

    I am a health care provider until the full extent of this law is implemented. Then I will move out of this socialist shit hole or retire [at 67] But either way I will not submit

  3. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL! IT S U X, to the "10th" Power!!!

  4. You have got to be kidding me, unless you are brain dead there is nothing in this POS to like. My life is a gift from God, not Obama. I will live my life and that sodomite can go to hell.

    F#@K Their Law!!!


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