Monday, July 23, 2012

Shock Video: Chaotic Scene as Cali Police Open Fire On Women and Children; Unleash Canine Unit

Crowds gathered on the streets of Anaheim Sunday afternoon to protest an officer involved shooting earlier in the day. According to the Orange County Register, known gang member Manual Diaz attempted to run from police after officers approached a vehicle he was riding in citing “suspicious behavior.” Diaz fled the scene and officers gave chase on foot. He was subsequently shot and killed. Diaz was reportedly unarmed, though exact details have yet to be released.

A report from the LA Times indicates that as police were investigating the shooting incident a group of people began to encircle them. The crowd became unruly, had obstructed roadways, was throwing bottles and rocks at officers, and was, according to police, on the verge of rioting when APD officers on the scene began unloading rubber bullets on men, women, and children. A video of the chaotic incident shows a dog attacking a woman holding a child. According to the LA Times the dog, “somehow got free from an officer’s car and went at several people,” though other reports and witness statements indicate the canine unit was purposely unleashed into the crowd. Read more.....

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