Sunday, July 8, 2012

What If Nothing Happens?

Yesterday, I spoke with a gentleman in New York who tried to educate me on preparedness. He mentioned so many different concerns, many of which were legitimate and some were just out there. With so much going on in our Nation and throughout the world at large, it’s tough to ignore so much writing on the wall.

Now, let’s take that conversation into context for my focus of writing an article this morning: What if nothing happens? That’s exactly the question I’ll ask you. You, the prepared individual. You, the prepper who purchases food to have in the event your employment situation loses its revenue temporarily, or a minor movement of the earth closes local markets and grocers. You, the healthy student of nutrition. You, the responsible parent who works to provide the necessities of life for your children and grandchildren and works to secure those ongoing needs. You, the involved citizen who talks with your neighbors and cares about the safety of your neighborhood.

You, the owner of a vehicle who pays auto insurance for security against an undesired vehicular event. You, the purchaser of health insurance for a family whose health is fundamental and essential. You, the ardent securer of water storage, just in case another 5-day boil-water-alert happens this month. You, the consumer who also produces constructively while others are socially-secure thanks to your payroll contributions. You, whose money is lent to banks whose bail-outs secured enormous pensions. You, whose income tax returns without interest. Read more......

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