Friday, July 6, 2012

The Food Stamp Economy

When you think of food stamp usage you rarely think about big financial profits. Yet some businesses are managing to get a big piece of the food stamp pie. Last year alone the government spent a record $78 billion in food stamps. This is a large amount of money and this is why you might notice more EBT signs if you ever pay attention when you are driving around. The money when broken down by the 46 million Americans receiving this aid is not much but actually speaks to the underlying bifurcated nature of our economy. Many are stuck below poverty status and many in the middle class simply struggle to get by. The Congressional Budget Office projects that food stamp usage will be high deep into 2015. Let us examine where this money is actually going.

High usage of food stamps well into 2015

It is hard to call it a recovery when projections from the government are showing high food stamp usage well into 2015. In fact, the projection shows that in 2015 the government will spend $80 billion on food stamps: Read more.....

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  1. Sad to see for sure. Food stamps should only be used as temporary aid.


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