Friday, August 24, 2012

Case Dismissed: Government Had No Grounds to Indefinitely Detain Marine Vet Without Charge or Trial

After the FBI, Secret Service and local police swarmed Brandon Raub’s home because of Facebook posts that were deemed by officials as “terrorist threats” and investigated under the auspices of domestic terrorism, the outcry from proponents of free speech were loud and undeniable.

As many warned when the National Defense Authorization Act was approved by both Houses of Congress, law enforcement officials now have the power to arrest and detain American citizens without cause, without charge and without trial. Despite arguments to the contrary, the NDAA coupled with the Patriot Act allows those who are detained under allegations of domestic terrorism or for alleged hostilities against the United States, either through speech or action, to be held indefinitely.

In the case of Brandon Raub, he was originally ordered to appear before a state psychiatrist a few days after his illegal detainment. It was then pushed to thirty days in a psychiatric evaluation facility. Given how the government has treated military whistleblower Bradley Manning, who has been held in solitary confinement without charges or a trial for over 800 days, the government could have potentially held Raub for weeks, months or years.

In this particular instance we have good news. The pressure from outraged Americans and a focused effort by Raub’s defense team has reportedly led to his release this afternoon. Read more....


  1. Tthis is the first time I have heard of this case. Scary...

  2. "THIS CASE", 20,000 just in VA. Better catch up on what the N.D.A.A. is! There is a war on for returning Vets.


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